Friday, December 28, 2007

Birth goals

With the new year on the horizon I've been thinking about goal setting. I recently got something in the mail from someone I've worked with that had some ideas about resolutions and new beginnings. I was going over some of these things and wanted to apply them to birth. I've made a handout that I'm going to share with my clients when we go over "birth plans". Here are some of the details from the handout. One of my goals for this year is to post more regularly in this blog and keep it birth related. We'll see!

1 - Choose your goal
Specifically ask yourself, what is it that I want? Write it down!

2- What will make attaining this easier?
Attending a childbirth class, hiring a doula, planning a homebirth, attending ICAN, LLL or other supportive meetings, choosing a supportive doctor or midwife.

3- What's my motivation?
Why is this type of birth important to you? What are your beliefs about birth?

4- Obstacles and solutions.
Write out your obstacles that hinder your goals and possible solutions to help you overcome these obstacles.

5- What's my roadmap to success?
Create a plan. Figure out what you need to help you achieve your goal - then do it!

6- My moral support
List the people you can rely on who will truly be supportive of what you need. People can have specific roles, or just be there to count on for positive conversation, meals, babysitting, or labor support.

7- Visualize
Imagine yourself achieving your goal. Where are you? How are you feeling? Who is with you? What is going on around you?

8- My slogan
Think positive! Use affirmations such as, "my body was created to do this", "I am beautiful and healthy", and "I can do this!".

I have not been productive at all today so my brain feels like mush. I've been trying to clean out closets but my sweet little guy is on a nursing kick. It's great because I can sit and chill (and surf the net!) but I really want to get some stuff done! To everything there is a season. The closets will wait and I'll enjoy this time!

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