Sunday, August 01, 2010

Maternity Leave Over!?

Prolonged blogging absence. We'll pretend it was maternity leave. I've had a while to stew over things and figure out where I'm going and what I want to contribute to the world. I'm sure things will continuously change but I do know this is a calling of service in my community and my voice is for preserving the gentle touch of a loving family and true health for mothers and babies. My great, great, etc. grandmother was an immigrant midwife and community healer. I'd like to think this work is in my blood :)

I know there are many voices championing the cause of evidence based health practices relating to the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. While my blog has been around for some years – I've been such a slacker. I hope to add my words to the scales and hope that someday we tip the balance in favor of the gold standard.

Most of my archives have been purged here so a short intro might be in order. I have been attending births as a doula since 2001. I have also taught childbirth classes for almost that long. I have been both awed and appalled at births I have witnessed. I'm on the 10 year path (ha!) in studying midwifery. It has been on and off as I have put my family first and foremost and had my own babies. 5 births, 4 home waterbirths, 2 of them unassisted.